doi:  10.3878/j.issn.1006-9895.1805.17281

Review of Current Investigations of Cloud, Radiation and Rainfall over the Tibetan Plateau with the CloudSat/CALIPSO Dataset
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中文关键词:  青藏高原,CloudSat/CALIPSO卫星资料,云,辐射,降水
英文关键词:  the Tibetan Plateau, CloudSat/CALIPSO Dataset, Cloud, Radiation and Rainfall
刘屹岷Liu YiminLASG
燕亚菲Yan Yafei
Citation:Liu Yimin,Yan Yafei.2018.Review of Current Investigations of Cloud, Radiation and Rainfall over the Tibetan Plateau with the CloudSat/CALIPSO Dataset[J].Chinese Journal of Atmospheric Sciences (in Chinese)
      青藏高原上空的云及其相关联的降水和辐射影响了高原上空非绝热加热的空间结构。2006年卫星发射升空的CloudSat/ CALIPSO卫星提供了定量的、完整的云垂直结构信息。本文回顾了国内外基于该资料进行的青藏高原上云宏观和微观结构特征,云与降水相关性,云辐射效应以及模式中的云-辐射问题方面的研究。指出抬升的青藏高原上水汽较少,限制了高原上云的垂直高度,对云层厚度和层数有显著压缩作用。在云量及其季节变化上,单层云的相对贡献大于亚洲季风区的其他区域;夏季对流云比较浅薄,积云发生频率最高,云内滴谱较宽;降水云以积云和卷云为主,云对总降水的贡献随着云层数增多而减小,降水增强时高层冰粒子的密集度趋于紧密;夏季青藏高原地区云的净辐射效应在8公里高度存在一个厚度仅1公里左右但较强的辐射冷却层,而在其下(4-7公里高度之间)为强的辐射加热层 。最后展望了未来需要进一步开展的研究。
      Clouds over the Tibetan Plateau (TP) and the associated precipitation and radiation affect the structure of the TP diabatic heating. CloudSat/CALIPSO launched in 2006 provides quantitative information on the three dimensional distribution of the cloud. This paper reviews the studies on the macrophysical and microphysical property, the connection with the precipitation, radiative forcing and the problem in the simulation of clouds over the TP based on the CloudSat/CALIPSO data. It is pointed out that there is less water vapor above the TP, which limits the vertical height of cloud on the plateau, and has a significant effect on the cloud thickness and the number of layers. The relative contribution of single layer cloud on the cloud fraction and its seasonal variation is greater than that of other Asian monsoon regions. The convective cloud in summer is relatively shallow, the cumulus cloud occurrence frequency is the highest, and the drop spectrum in the cloud is wider over the TP. The main precipitation clouds are cirrus cloud to cumulus. Contribution to the total precipitation decreases with the increase of the number of cloud layer. The number concentration of the ice particles tends to be dense at higher altitudes when precipitation is enhanced. In summer, the net radiation effect of clouds is cooling in a layer of only 1 km thick at the height of 8 km over the TP. But the cooling is very strong. It is a strong radiation heating layer between 4-7 km below. Finally, the future studies are prospected.
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