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CN 11-1768/O4

Temporal and Spatial Distribution of Precipitation Related to Northeast Cold Vortex in Warm Season in Jilin Province during 1981—2019

1.Laboratory of Research for Middle-High Latitude Circulation Systems and East Asian Monsoon,Institute of Meteorological Sciences of Jilin Province;2.Jilin Meteorological Observatory

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    On the basis of quality control of hourly rain-gauge dataset in 39 years (1981—2019) from 51 meteorological stations, provided by the Meteorological Information Center of Jilin province, the spatial and temporal distribution characteristics of precipitation during Northeast cold vortex process in warm season (PNCVPWS) were analyzed. Results showed that: (1) Overall, precipitation in Jilin province showed a clear diurnal variation. The peaks for diurnal precipitation and frequency occurred between 16:00 and 17:00 BJT (Beijing time). The frequency with 0.1—5mm per hour precipitation (P < 5mm h-1) displayed large value in the mountainous area in eastern Jilin province, but the high value center moved to the south-central while the precipitation larger than 5mm per hour (P > 5mm h-1). (2) There was little difference in spatial distribution for the contribution of P < 5mm h-1 to warm seasonal precipitation in Jilin province during daytime, but the value center showed more clearly in mountainous area in eastern Jilin province at night. The contribution of the gauge record between 5mm h-1 and 10mm h-1(5mm h-1 < P < 10mm h-1) was greater in central Jilin province, moreover, the contribution showed greater in daytime than night. But for P > 10mm h-1, the high value center moved to the Midwest of Jilin province, similarly, the contribution value showed greater in daytime than night also. (3) The rainfall amount of P < 5mm h-1 accounted for 61% to total precipitation, and the value of 5mm h-1 < P <10mm h-1 and P > 10mm h-1 was nearly 20%, respectively. The contribution of P < 5mm h-1 had a decreasing trend in recent years, but the value for P > 10mm h-1 increased obviously in contrast.

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