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CN 11-1768/O4

Study on the influence model of meteorological elements on summer vegetation coverage in North China

Laboratory for Climate Studies, National Climate Center, China Meteorological Administration

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    Vegetation coverage is extremely sensitive to climate change. North China located in a semi-humid area in my country. Meteorological factors have an important impact on vegetation coverage in this area, but there is a lack of effective mathematical models to quantitatively describe the impact of meteorological elements on vegetation. Therefore, we based on the vegetation coverage data of the Moderate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) and main meteorological element data in North China during 2000 to 2018, carried out research on the influence of meteorological elements on vegetation coverage model, and initially established the relationship between summer vegetation coverage and meteorological elements in North China. Research shows: (1) Summer vegetation coverage in North China is positively correlated with precipitation and relative humidity, and negatively correlated with temperature, sunshine hours and ground temperature. The order of correlation is the sunshine hours of the same period, the ground temperature of the previous month, relative humidity of the same period, temperature of the previous month and precipitation of the same period. (2) Combining the two statistical methods of multiple regression method and least square method, the influence model of meteorological elements on vegetation coverage was constructed from the perspective of regional average and spatial distribution, and the possible influence of changes in meteorological elements to vegetation coverage was quantitatively described. Among, the 5-variable model has a slightly higher correlation coefficient for the simulation of vegetation coverage, and the model based on the least square method has a better fitting effect on vegetation coverage than the multiple linear regression model. (3) The model that removes the relative humidity has the largest change in the ability to simulate vegetation cover change in North China, that is, the synergistic effect of temperature and precipitation on vegetation cover in North China is more important. Research is conducive to understanding how meteorological elements affect the vegetation ecosystem, and then provides a theoretical basis for the construction of national ecological civilization.

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