ISSN 1006-9895

CN 11-1768/O4

Numerical Simulation and Diagnosis of a Nocturnal Warming Process in Hebei Winter Olympic Games Area

1.Hebei Meteorological Bureau;2.Key Laboratory of Cloud–Precipitation Physics and Severe Storms, Institute of Atmospheric Physics;3.School of Remote Sensing and Geometrics Engineering,Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology

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    Nighttime Warming is a frequent weather phenomenon in Hebei Winter Olympic Games area, and its accurate simulation and forecast is very important for the construction of the competition area and the guarantee of the competition. By introducing the higher resolution terrain data, the mesoscale regional numerical model WRFv4.1.5 was used to reproduce the nocturnal warming process, and the meteorological characteristics and causes of the process were explored. The results show that: the process is affected by the northeast cold vortex, the cold advection is significant at the middle and upper levels, the wind shear is strong at the high and low levels, and there are obvious advection differences. At the same time, the variation characteristics of meteorological elements near the surface are obvious, including the decrease of relative humidity, the increase of wind speed, the decrease of sea level pressure, the enhancement of surface heat flux and long wave radiation, etc. In addition, the strong wind shear and advection difference between the upper and lower levels are easy to produce vertical mixing. The isentropic surface fluctuation is obvious, and the turbulence is strengthened, which further strengthens the turbulent vertical mixing movement, enhances the moving heat flux transport, and produces the abnormal increase of night temperature.

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