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CN 11-1768/O4

Microphysical characteristics of a stratiform precipitation with embedded convection based on multi-source data

Weather Modification Office of Shandong Province

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    Based on ground-based micro-rain radar and cloud radar, combined with aircraft observation, a stratiform precipitation with embedded convection is analyzed to study the cloud-precipitation microphysical structure accurately. The results show that: 1) The selected precipitation process is divided into stratified cloud and convective cloud. Above zero layer, especially on the height of 5~6 km, doppler velocity and spectrum width of convective precipitation are greater than that of the stratiform cloud precipitation, which indicates that vertical wind of environment, the size range of the particle occurred in convective precipitation are greater than the stratiform precipitation. 2) At the period of convective precipitation, there is a V-shaped gap caused by attenuation in radar reflectivity of cloud radar and micro rain radar in time and height profiles. The attenuation of cloud radar is grater than that of micro rain radar, the higher the height, the greater the attenuation. 3) At the period of stratiform precipitation, near the bright band,the?leap?increase height of radar reflectivity factor is 80m higher than the Doppler velocity, and the leap?increase height of Doppler velocity is 20m higher than the spectral width. 4) The precipitation mechanism near the zero degree layer of is complex. When the negative temperature is close to 0℃, the particle shape includes aggregated dendritic ice crystals, needle ice crystals and cloud droplets. The Doppler velocity and spectral width of convective cloud precipitation are greater than that of stratiform precipitation above the zero degree layer, especially at the altitude of 5 and 6km. The vertical airflow and the scale range of small and large particles in convective precipitation are greater than that of stratiform cloud precipitation.

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