Volume 26,Issue 2,2002 Table of Contents

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The Dynamics of the Response of Tropical Western Pacific to Wind Stress
  Chao Jiping and Chao Qingchen
  2002,26(2):145-160 [Abstract]  [View PDF(378.94 K)]
The Air-Sea Heat Flux Exchange in the Indian Ocean
  Zhou Tianjun and Zhang Xuehong
  2002,26(2):161-170 [Abstract]  [View PDF(393.28 K)]
Simulated Responses of SST to Westerly Wind Bursts in the Western Equatorial Pacific Warm Pool
  Liu Hailong, Li Wei, Zhang Xuehong and Yu Yongqiang
  2002,26(2):171-184 [Abstract]  [View PDF(661.57 K)]
Important Role of the Somalian Cross-Equator Flow in the Onset of the South China Sea Summer Monsoon
  Li Chongyin and Wu Jingbo
  2002,26(2):185-192 [Abstract]  [View PDF(322.52 K)]
A Simple Tropical Pacific Atmosphere-Ocean Couple Model with ENSO Cycle Characteristics
  Yan Bangling, Huang Ronghui and Zhang Renhe
  2002,26(2):193-205 [Abstract]  [View PDF(573.83 K)]
Comparisons of Three Convection Parameterization Schemes in Regional Climate Simulations
  Pan Jinsong, Zhai Guoqing and Gao Kun
  2002,26(2):206-220 [Abstract]  [View PDF(594.76 K)]
A Study of the 500 hPa-Signal Field about Heavy Rainfall in China
  Huang Jiayou, Yang Yang and Zhou Guoliang
  2002,26(2):221-229 [Abstract]  [View PDF(383.27 K)]
A Numeric Study of Hail Identification Using Dual-Polarization Radar
  Qi Liangbo, Xiao Hui, Huang Meiyuan and Hong Yanchao
  2002,26(2):230-240 [Abstract]  [View PDF(405.52 K)]
Turbulent Statistical Characteristics over the Urban Surface
  Liu Huizhi and Hong Zhongxiang
  2002,26(2):241-248 [Abstract]  [View PDF(292.77 K)]
On Efficiency of Retrospective Time Integration Scheme
  You Xingtian, Zhu He and Cao Hongxing
  2002,26(2):249-254 [Abstract]  [View PDF(226.86 K)]
A Simulation Study of Atmosphere-Vegetation Interaction over the Tibetan Plateau Part Ⅱ:Net Primary Productivity and Leaf Area Index
  Lu Jianhua and Ji Jinjun
  2002,26(2):255-262 [Abstract]  [View PDF(617.24 K)]
Convective Clouds and Mesoscale Convective Systems over the Tibetan Plateau in Summer
  Jiang Jixi and Fan Meizhu
  2002,26(2):263-270 [Abstract]  [View PDF(440.50 K)]
A Research to Validate the Data from Heihe River Field Experiment by Variation
  Ma Gang, Wang Qiang and Qiu Chongjian
  2002,26(2):271-278 [Abstract]  [View PDF(298.81 K)]
Estimations of Ensemble Size for Numerical Climate Predictions
  Zhao Yan and Guo Yufu
  2002,26(2):279-287 [Abstract]  [View PDF(349.07 K)]