Volume 28,Issue 3,2004 Table of Contents

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A Study of Sulfur Transport and Transformation over East Asia in the Springtime I. Model System and Its Verification
  ZHANG Mei-Gen,XU Yong-Fu,Itsushi Uno and Hajime Akimoto
  2004,28(3):321-329 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.93 M)]
Moist Potential Vorticity Analysis of the Heavy Rainfall and Mesoscale Convective Systems in South China
  MENG Wei-Guang,WANG An-Yu,LI Jiang-Nan,FENG Rui-Quan and HOU Er-Bin
  2004,28(3):330-341 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.76 M)]
Numerical Simulation and Analysis for "99·6" Meiyu Front Rainstorm and the Low Vortex with Shear Line
  LONG Xiao and CHENG Lin-Sheng
  2004,28(3):342-356 [Abstract]  [View PDF(7.30 M)]
Indian Ocean Response to ENSO:Observation and Air-Sea Coupled Model Simulation
  ZHOU Tian-Jun,YU Yong-Qiang,YU Ru-Cong,ZHANG Xue-Hong and LI Zhao-Xin
  2004,28(3):357-373 [Abstract]  [View PDF(7.16 M)]
A Parameterization of Groundwater Table in a Land Surface Model and Its Applications
  XIE Zheng-Hui,LIANG Xu and ZENG Qing-Cun
  2004,28(3):374-384 [Abstract]  [View PDF(783.97 K)]
A Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation on Microphysical Processes of Torrential Rainstorms
  XIAO Hui,WANG Xiao-Bo,ZHOU Fei-Fei,HONG Yan-Chao and HUANG Mei-Yuan
  2004,28(3):385-404 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.25 M)]
Impact of the Preceding Northern Hemisphere 500 hPa Geopotential Height and Pacific SST Variation on the Flood Season Precipitation over China
  YAN Hua-Sheng and YAN Xiao-Dong
  2004,28(3):405-414 [Abstract]  [View PDF(725.37 K)]
The Method of Calculating the Optimal Step Size in Variational Continual Assimilation and the Numerical Experiments
  WANG Yun-Feng,WU Rong-Sheng,WANG Yuan and PAN Yi-Nong
  2004,28(3):415-423 [Abstract]  [View PDF(364.21 K)]
The Nonlinear Process of the Depression Formation in the Tropical Easterly Flow
  YUAN Jin-Nan and WAN Qi-Lin
  2004,28(3):424-432 [Abstract]  [View PDF(356.78 K)]
A Comparison Study of Precipitable Water Simulated by NWP and GPS Observations
  YUAN Zhao-Hong,DING Jin-Cai and CHEN Yong-Lin
  2004,28(3):433-440 [Abstract]  [View PDF(588.79 K)]
Relationship of El Nio with the Anomalous Westerly Wind over Equatorial Pacific
  WANG Zhang-Gui,XING Ru-Nan and CHEN Xing-Rong
  2004,28(3):441-454 [Abstract]  [View PDF(908.15 K)]
Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of a Strong Convective Storm in Beijing
  LIU Shu-Yan,XIAO Hui,DU Bing-Yu,HE Yu-Xiang and ZHANG Rong-Lin
  2004,28(3):455-470 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.69 M)]
Research on Eye Structure Variation of Typhoon Utor During Its Landing
  CHEN Zi-Tong,YAN Jing-Hua,DING Wei-Yu and WAN Qi-Lin
  2004,28(3):471-478 [Abstract]  [View PDF(8.73 M)]