Volume 34,Issue 2,2010 Table of Contents

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One Kind of Vortex Causing Heavy Rainfall during Pre-rainy Season in South China
  FU Shenming,ZHAO Sixiong,SUN Jianhua and et al
  2010,34(2):235-252 [Abstract]  [View PDF(12.78 M)]
Research on Interannual Variation of Intraseasonal Oscillation of the South China Sea Summer Monsoon
  JU Jianhua,LIU Yiling,LI Ting and et al
  2010,34(2):253-261 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.58 M)]
Simulation of the Aerosols over Asia and Its Climate Effect on China
  JI Zhenming,GAO Xuejie,ZHANG Dongfeng and et al
  2010,34(2):262-274 [Abstract]  [View PDF(9.96 M)]
Simulation of the Stratiform Cloud Precipitation Microphysical Mechanism with the Numerical Model
  YANG Jiefan,LEI Hengchi and HU Zhaoxia
  2010,34(2):275-289 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.77 M)]
The Optimization of Parameters of Land Surface Model in Arid Region and the Simulation of Land-Atmosphere Interaction
  FANG Yunlong,SUN Shufen,LI Qian and et al
  2010,34(2):290-306 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.45 M)]
Numerical Simulation of Impacts of Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly upon the Interdecadal Variation in the Northwestern Pacific Subtropical High
  ZENG Gang,SUN Zhaobo,LIN Zhaohui and et al
  2010,34(2):307-322 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.71 M)]
Projection of Wind Speed Changes in China in the 21st Century by Climate Models
  JIANG Ying,LUO Yong and ZHAO Zongci
  2010,34(2):323-336 [Abstract]  [View PDF(5.54 M)]
Numerical Experiments on Artificial Seeding of Decreasing the Meiyu Heavy Rainfall
  SUN Jing,SHI Yueqin,LOU Xiaofeng and et al
  2010,34(2):337-350 [Abstract]  [View PDF(5.21 M)]
Dynamic Statistic Analysis of Coupled Circulation of Atmosphere and Ocean in the Tropical Indian Ocean in October
  LU Xu and ZHANG Dongling
  2010,34(2):351-360 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.61 M)]
Comparison of Two Parameterization Schemes for Noninductive Mechanism before the First Discharge in a Simulated Single Cell Storm
  GUO Fengxia,ZHANG Yijun and YAN Muhong
  2010,34(2):361-373 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.43 M)]
Impacts of the Dry Intrusion on Jinan Torrential Rain Occurring on 18 July 2007
  LIU Huirong and LI Chongyin
  2010,34(2):374-386 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.13 M)]
Diurnal and Seasonal Climatology of Precipitation Depth over the Tibetan Plateau and Its Downstream Regions
  HU Liang,Song YANG and LI Yaodong
  2010,34(2):387-398 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.56 M)]
A Comparison of the Contributions of Dynamical Transportation and Photochemical Process to Ozone's Seasonal Variation in the Stratosphere
  SHI Chunhua,CHEN Yuejuan,ZHENG Bin and et al
  2010,34(2):399-406 [Abstract]  [View PDF(708.05 K)]
Impacts of Land-Surface Process Parameterization on Model Predictability of Two Kinds of Heavy Rainfall Events
  LI Yunying,YE Chengzhi and ZHONG Zhong
  2010,34(2):407-417 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.17 M)]
A Study of Determination Index of Regional Meiyu over the Yangtze-Huaihe Basin
  LIANG Ping,DING Yihui,HE Jinhai and et al
  2010,34(2):418-428 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.11 M)]
The Anomalous Cold Vortex Activity in Northeast China during the Early Summer and the Low-frequency Variability of the Northern Hemispheric Atmosphere Circulation
  LIAN Yi,BUEH Cholaw,XIE Zuowei and et al
  2010,34(2):429-439 [Abstract]  [View PDF(6.76 M)]
Characteristics of Turbulent Transfer and Its Temporal Evolution during an Advection Fog Period in North China
  WU Bingui,ZHANG Hongsheng,ZHANG Changchun and et al
  2010,34(2):440-448 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.00 M)]
Long-Term Variation of Aerosol Optical Depth in China Based on Meteorological Horizontal Visibility Observations
  QIN Shiguang,SHI Guangyu,CHEN Lin and et al
  2010,34(2):449-456 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.30 M)]
Soil and Plant Parameters-Related Stochastic Uncertainty Propagation in the Common Land Model
  LIANG Xiao and DAI Yongjiu
  2010,34(2):457-470 [Abstract]  [View PDF(839.67 K)]