Volume 39,Issue 2,2015 Table of Contents

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Intraseasonal Characteristics of the Indo-West Pacific Convection Oscillation
  ZHANG Jingwen, LI Jianping and LI Yanjie
  2015,39(2):221-234 [Abstract]  [View PDF(13.16 M)]
The Characteristics of Cloud Microphysical Properties in East Asiawith the CloudSat Dataset
  ZHANG Hua, YANG Bingyun, PENG Jie, WANG Zhili and JING Xianwen
  2015,39(2):235-248 [Abstract]  [View PDF(7.06 M)]
Comparative Study Based on TRMM Data of the Heavy Rainfall Caused by the Tibetan Plateau Vortex and the Southwest Vortex
  JIANG Lujun, LI Guoping and WANG Xingtao
  2015,39(2):249-259 [Abstract]  [View PDF(6.95 M)]
Climate Change Projection on the Tibetan Plateau:Results of CMIP5 Models
  HU Qin, JIANG Dabang and FAN Guangzhou
  2015,39(2):260-270 [Abstract]  [View PDF(9.16 M)]
Summer Prediction of Sea Surface Temperatures in Key Areas in BCC_CSM Model
  WANG Xujia, ZHENG Zhihai, FENG Guolin, WANG Kuo and SHEN Qian
  2015,39(2):271-288 [Abstract]  [View PDF(6.19 M)]
Numerical Simulation Research on the Effect of Ice Nucleation on Thundercloud Microphysical Process and Electrification
  TAN Yongbo, YANG Yi, SHI Zheng, ZHOU Bowen, ZHANG Dongdong and LIAO Yihui
  2015,39(2):289-302 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.06 M)]
Application of Quality Control Method Based on Spatial Gradient Information in Assimilation of Infrared High Spectrum Data AIRS
  WANG Yunfeng, ZHANG Xiaohui, LI Yunfei, HAN Yueqi and GU Chengming
  2015,39(2):303-314 [Abstract]  [View PDF(12.01 M)]
Numerical Simulation of the Structural Characteristics and Precipitation Mechanism of Stratiform Clouds with Embedded Convections
  HE Hui, GAO Qian, LIU Xiang'e, ZHOU Wei and JIA Xingcan
  2015,39(2):315-328 [Abstract]  [View PDF(14.00 M)]
Preliminary Application of the Nonlinear Local Lyapunov Exponent to Target Observation
  LIU Deqiang, DING Ruiqiang, LI Jianping and FENG Jie
  2015,39(2):329-337 [Abstract]  [View PDF(913.95 K)]
Reproducibility and Future Projections of the Precipitation Structure in East Asia in Four Chinese GCMs That Participated in the CMIP5 Experiments
  LIN Renping and ZHOU Tianjun
  2015,39(2):338-356 [Abstract]  [View PDF(9.32 M)]
Numerical Simulation of the Impact of Land Use/Land Cover Change over China on Regional Climates during the Last 20 Years
  CHEN Haishan, LI Xing and HUA Wenjian
  2015,39(2):357-369 [Abstract]  [View PDF(8.43 M)]
A Case Study Comparing WRF-Model-Simulated Cloud Microphysics and Precipitation with Aircraft Measurements in Stratiform Clouds with Embedded Convection in Northern China
  ZHU Shichao and GUO Xueliang
  2015,39(2):370-385 [Abstract]  [View PDF(10.84 M)]
Simulation of Summer Precipitation and Associated Water Vapor Transport over the Tibetan Plateau by Meteorological Research Institute Model
  FENG Lei and ZHOU Tianjun
  2015,39(2):386-398 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.67 M)]
A Diagnostic Study of a Typhoon Transitioning and Merging into the Northeast Cold Vortex
  LIANG Zhaoming and WANG Donghai
  2015,39(2):397-412 [Abstract]  [View PDF(16.81 M)]
Dipole Pattern in Southern Hemispheric Mid-latitude and Asian-African Summer Precipitation
  MING Jing, SUN Jianqi, LI Guoping and PEI Junlin
  2015,39(2):413-421 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.74 M)]
Simulation of Water Vapor Transport Paths before and after Increased Rainstorms from Tropical Storm Bilis (0604)
  DAI Zhujun, WANG Lijuan, GUAN Zhaoyong, REN Chenping and LI Yejin
  2015,39(2):422-432 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.56 M)]
A Comparative Analysis of Planetary Wave Activities for the 2007/2008 Strong Polar Vortex and the 2008/2009 Weak Polar Vortex
  Deng Shumei, Chen Yuejuan and Yi Mingjian
  2015,39(2):433-444 [Abstract]  [View PDF(5.82 M)]
  2015,39(2):445 [Abstract]  [View PDF(181.94 K)]