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Reliability Analysis of Quantitative Applications of Sounding Constructed from Data Detected by Microwave Radiometer and Wind Profiler

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    Using the conventional sounding data at Beijing meteorological station(ID:54511) during May to September in 2007 and 2008, the reliability of quantitative applications of the sounding constructed from the temperature and humidity data detected by microwave radiometer and the wind data obtained by wind profiler(hereinafter referred to as special sounding) at the same station was analyzed. Results showed that the special and conventional sounding had a more consistent trend of any element, since the special sounding could effectively compensate for the low temporal resolution of conventional sounding in qualitative analysis. But in the quantitative use, the different performance of different elements should be paid attention to and the systematic bias should be revised. Firstly, the error of humidity of microwave radiometer was greater, which resulted in the poor consistency and the greater value of the dewpoint temperature of special sounding, while the small mean error and the slightly high value of the temperatures. The error of zonal wind detected by wind profiler increases as the height increases, but the error of meridional wind is smaller. So, the temperature and wind profile had a better quantitative value relatively. Secondly, the performance differencs of various elements and heights between conventional sounding and the special sounding were very different. The consistency at 0800 LST and 2000 LST was better than that at 0200 LST and 1400 LST. The average errors of dewpoint temperature and zonal wind increased significantly as the altitude increasesd, but those of the temperature and meridional wind had a little change. Finally, for the physical parameters calculated from the two kinds of sounding, the most had a consistent trend between two kinds of sounding except the Richardson index and Δθse, so they had a good qualitative value. However, for quantitative use, the error of the base elements must be considered. The humidityrelated parameters had different degrees of error, such as CAPE(Convective Available Potential Energy), Δθse(difference of pseudoeguivalent potential temperature between 850 hpa and 500 hpa), K index, vertical gradient of humidity and the dewpoint temperature difference. But, the parameters only related to the temperature or the lowlevel wind profile had high quantitative values because of the smaller absolute errors, such as the vertical temperature gradient, 0 °C and -20 °C layer height, lowlevel vertical wind shear.

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魏东,孙继松,雷蕾,杨波.2011.用微波辐射计和风廓线资料构建探空资料的定量应用可靠性分析[J].气候与环境研究,16(6):697-706. Wei Dong, Sun Jisong, Lei Lei, Yang Bo.2011. Reliability Analysis of Quantitative Applications of Sounding Constructed from Data Detected by Microwave Radiometer and Wind Profiler[J]. Climatic and Environmental Research (in Chinese],16(6):697-706.

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