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Advances in the Effect of Climate Change on Air Quality

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    The current understanding about the effects of climate change on air quality is reviewed. It has been found that the increase of surface air temperature can accelerate the natural source emission of the precursors(eg. VOCs) of some air pollutions (eg. O3); it can change the vertical mixing and diffusion rate by modifying the chemical reaction rate, the height of Planetary Boundary Layer (PBL), and the occurrence frequency of weather systems; it can also alter the atmospheric circulation and thereby change the manner of pollution transport. Climate change can affect not only the outdoor air quality but also the indoor air quality, hence there might be a threat to human health. Thus, climate change can impact the regional or local outdoor and indoor air quality, on which most scholars have reached an agreement. However,these impacts still have some major uncertainties: The trend and intensity of future climate change, the future emission of air pollutions and their precursors, the correlation between atmospheric pollution and climate change factors, and the physical and chemical mechanisms of atmospheric constituents in the diverse meteorological conditions. The topic on the effect of climate change on air quality is still at the initial stage in China. Therefore, the authors suggest discreetly that the research projects on this topic, especially, on the impacts of climate change on airpollutionrelated public health, should be launched in China.

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孙家仁,许振成,刘煜,彭晓春,陈来国,李海燕,陶俊,林泽健.2011.气候变化对环境空气质量影响的研究进展[J].气候与环境研究,16(6):805-814. Sun Jiaren, Xu Zhencheng, Liu Yu, Peng Xiaochun, Chen Laiguo, Li Haiyan, Tao Jun, Lin Zejian.2011. Advances in the Effect of Climate Change on Air Quality[J]. Climatic and Environmental Research (in Chinese],16(6):805-814.

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