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Influence of the Maintenance of Upper Jet Stream on Snowstorm in Central and Eastern China

1.Institute of Atmospheric Physics,Chinese Academic of Sciences;2.Yunnan Meteorological Research Institute

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    Using ERA data, the impact of upper jet disturbance kinetic energy on snowstorm on February 9, 2014, December 5, 2015, January 20, 2016 and January 24, 2018 were analyzed. In the process of snowstorm, it is usually accompanied by the existence of upper jet. On the one hand, the upper jet maintains its own existence, on the other hand, the vertical movement caused by it is conducive to the development of snowstorm. The vertical motion has two functions: one is that the vertical upward motion transports the low-level warm and moist air to the high-level to provide a continuous stream of water vapor for snowstorm; the other is that the vertical upward motion transports the disturbance kinetic energy in the jet downward to the low-level warm and cold air flow intersection area, which is also an area with wind shear,to provide disturbance kinetic energy for the local area, and further promote the occurrence and development of snowstorm.

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