Volume 15,Issue 6,1991 Table of Contents

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Numerical simulation of large-scale circulation in the Pacific Ocean Part III: Seasonal variations
  Zhang Ronghua,Zeng Qingcun and Zhang Xuehong
  1991,15(6):1-16 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Rain rate intensity-duration formula derived from entropy principle
  Zhang Xuewen,Ma Shuhong and Ma Li
  1991,15(6):17-25 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Regional characteristics of annual variation of the oceanic heating to atmosphere
  Quan Xiaowei and Klaus Weickmann
  1991,15(6):26-35 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Teleconnections between the Northern Oscillation and extratropical atmospheric circulation of the Northern Hemisphere Part II: Seasonal variations
  Wu Renguang and Chen Lieting
  1991,15(6):36-45 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Numerical simulation and diagnosis of the formation of SW vortex Part I: An analysis of numerical simulation of the effects of topography and latent heat on SW vortex
  Zhao Ping and Sun Shuqing
  1991,15(6):46-52 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Baroclinic solitary Rossby waves in an N-level model
  Lu Keli
  1991,15(6):53-62 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
The mesoscale surface characteristics in the squall line events over East China
  Zhai Guoqing and Yu Zhangxiao
  1991,15(6):63-69 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Analyses of horizontal stable-layer over the east-side of the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau in spring
  Zhu Guangyu,Wu Baojun and Hu Shengchang
  1991,15(6):70-77 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Three-dimensional numerical simulation of ice phase microphysics in cumulus clouds, Part II: Effects of multiplication processes
  Kong Fanyou,Huang Meiyuan and Xu Huaying
  1991,15(6):78-88 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
The radiative heating characteristics in the cloudy and aerosol-laden atmospheres
  Shen Shaohu
  1991,15(6):89-98 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Two-dimension numerical model of advection-radiation fogs
  Sun Xudong,Xu Huaying,Li Guichen and et al
  1991,15(6):99-109 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
The analysis of multiple-structure of the atmospheric boundary layer in the western tropical Pacific Ocean
  Li Ruodun,Sun Ruiben and Wu Jianping
  1991,15(6):110-116 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Real example analysis of downburst
  Ma Wenyu,Feng Shuchang and Jin Chaokun
  1991,15(6):117-121 [Abstract]  [View PDF]