Volume 23,Issue 6,1999 Table of Contents

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Effects of the Extremes in the North Atlantic Oscillation on East Asia Winter Monsoon
  Wu Bingyi and Huang Ronghui
  1999,23(6):641-651 [Abstract]  [View PDF(617.50 K)]
Disposal of Negative Orography in a Spectral Model and Modeling of Subtropical Climate in East Asia
  Liu Yimin,Wu Guoxiong and Liu Hui
  1999,23(6):652-662 [Abstract]  [View PDF(402.38 K)]
A Study on the Relationships between ENSO Cycle and Rainfalls during Summer and Winter in Eastern China
  Jin Zuhui and Tao Shiyan
  1999,23(6):663-672 [Abstract]  [View PDF(413.03 K)]
Atmospheric Interannual Variability Related to ENSO in a Hybrid Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Model
  Wu Aiming and Ni Yunqi
  1999,23(6):673-684 [Abstract]  [View PDF(574.55 K)]
Numerical Simulations of Effects of Anomaly Convergence Flow on the Subtropical High over the West Pacific Ocean
  Zhong Zhong,Wu Guoxiong and Sha Wenyu
  1999,23(6):685-692 [Abstract]  [View PDF(284.74 K)]
A Calculation Method on the Sea Breeze Circulation
  Zhang Ming,Zhang Lifeng,Ngan Shiu Fai and Kenneth Young
  1999,23(6):693-702 [Abstract]  [View PDF(333.90 K)]
Numerical Simulation over the Tibetan Plateau by Using Variational Technique Revised TOVS Data
  Weng Yonghui and Xu Xiangde
  1999,23(6):703-712 [Abstract]  [View PDF(433.51 K)]
A Numereical Experiment of Topographic Effect on Genesis of the Squall Line in North China
  Li Hongzhou,Cai Zeyi and Xu Yuantai
  1999,23(6):713-721 [Abstract]  [View PDF(338.49 K)]
Simulataneous Retrieval of Optical Characteristics of Atmospheric Aerosol and Surface Albedo
  Zhao Zengliang and Mao Jietai
  1999,23(6):722-732 [Abstract]  [View PDF(417.90 K)]
A One-Dimensional Finite Element Model with Two-Order Closure Scheme Simulating the Atmospheric Boundary Layer. Part I: Convective Boundary Layer
  Guo Zhenhai,Chen Chong,Zhang Hongsheng,Chen Jiayi and Zhang Aichen
  1999,23(6):733-744 [Abstract]  [View PDF(334.02 K)]
Rain Category Numerical Simulations of Microphysical Processes of Precipitation Formation in Stratiform Clouds
  Guo Xueliang,Huang Meiyuan,Xu Huaying and Zhou Ling
  1999,23(6):745-752 [Abstract]  [View PDF(270.63 K)]
Impacts of Changes in the Concentration of Nonmethane Hydrocarbon and NO#-[x]#K[24] on Amount of Ozone Formation
  An Junling,Han Zhiwei,Wang Zifa,Huang Meiyuan,Tao Shuwang and Cheng Xinjin
  1999,23(6):753-761 [Abstract]  [View PDF(255.67 K)]