Volume 28,Issue 2,2004 Table of Contents

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Diagnostic Analysis of the Impact of Tropical QBO on the General Circulation in the Northern Hemisphere Winter
  CHEN Wen,YANG Lei,HUANG Rong-Hui and QIU Qi-Hong
  2004,28(2):161-173 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.75 M)]
Evaluation of SO2 Emission Control in China
  CHENG Xin-Jin,SUN Ji-Ming,LEI Heng-Chi,DUAN Ning and AN Jun-Ling
  2004,28(2):174-186 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.67 M)]
Three Types of Heavy Rainstorms Associated with the Meiyu Front
  ZHANG Xiao-Ling,TAO Shi-YAN and ZHANG Shun-Li
  2004,28(2):187-205 [Abstract]  [View PDF(6.05 M)]
Studies on the Variations of East-Asian Summer Monsoon during A D 1873~2000
  GUO Qi-Yun,CAI Jing-Ning,SHAO Xue-Mei and SHA Wan-Ying
  2004,28(2):206-215 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.03 M)]
The Comparison between the Mechanism of the Early (1994) and Later (1991) Onset of the South China Sea Summer Monsoon
  LIANG Zhao-Ning,WEN Zhi-Ping,YUAN Zhuo-Jian and QIN Hui-Ling
  2004,28(2):216-230 [Abstract]  [View PDF(926.90 K)]
A Study of the Impact of Initial Atmospheric Anomalies on Extraseasonal Short-term Climate Prediction
  LANG Xian-Mei,WANG Hui-Jun and JIANG Da-Bang
  2004,28(2):231-240 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.00 M)]
Inter Decadal Variability of Cool Summer of Northeastern Asia
  CHEN Li and ZHU Jin-HONG
  2004,28(2):241-253 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.51 M)]
An Analysis of Mesoscale Features of Heavy Rainfall in Shanghai on 5-6 August 2001
  QI Lin-Lin and ZHAO Si-Xiong
  2004,28(2):254-268 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.05 M)]
A Study of Computing the Surface Flux in the Typical Arid Region of Northwest China by a Variational Method
  REN Hong-Li,WANG Cheng-Hai,QIU Chong-Jian and DONG Wen-Jie
  2004,28(2):269-277 [Abstract]  [View PDF(431.03 K)]
A Study of Mesoscale Wind Structures in Heavy Rainfall System of Merging Cloud with Dual-Doppler Radar
  LIU Li-Ping,SHAO Ai-Mei,GE Run-Sheng and LIANG Hai-He
  2004,28(2):278-284 [Abstract]  [View PDF(374.21 K)]
The Weather Break Mechanic Research and Its Preliminary Application
  WANG Hou-Ji
  2004,28(2):285-293 [Abstract]  [View PDF(478.62 K)]
Diagnosed Seasonal Variation of Stratosphere-Troposphere Exchange in the Northern Hemisphere by 2000 Data
  YANG Jian and LU Da-Ren
  2004,28(2):294-300 [Abstract]  [View PDF(962.11 K)]
The Influence of Lower Atmosphere Aerosols on the Radiance and Color of the Twilight Sky
  FAN Xue-Hua,CHEN Hong-Bin and DU Bing-Yu
  2004,28(2):301-310 [Abstract]  [View PDF(483.09 K)]
Adjacency Effect of Satellite Remote Sensing on Land Surface Studies
  LIU Guang-Yuan and QIU Jin-Huan
  2004,28(2):311-319 [Abstract]  [View PDF(401.32 K)]