Volume 28,Issue 4,2004 Table of Contents

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A Study of Mechanism of the Locking of El Niño Event Mature Phase to the End of the Year
  YAN Bang-Liang
  2004,28(4):481-492 [Abstract]  [View PDF(601.85 K)]
Numerical Simulation of Seasonal Cycle and Interannual Variation of Sea Surface Height in the Tropical Pacific and Indian Oceans
  LI Yan-Ling,YU Yong-Qiang,ZHANG Xue-Hong and XIAO An-Wen
  2004,28(4):493-509 [Abstract]  [View PDF(12.90 M)]
The Computational Stability of Nonconservative Schemes of Nonlinear Evolution Equations
  LIN Wan-Tao and XIE Zheng-Hui
  2004,28(4):510-516 [Abstract]  [View PDF(303.58 K)]
The Influence of Subtropical High Indexes and Polar Vortex Indexes on the Summertime Precipitation in China
  HUANG Jia-You,LIU Ke and ZHAO Xin-Yi
  2004,28(4):517-526 [Abstract]  [View PDF(530.07 K)]
A Study of Complete Square-Conserving Semi-Implicit Semi-Lagrangian Scheme
  CHEN Jia-Bin and JI Zhong-Zhen
  2004,28(4):527-535 [Abstract]  [View PDF(341.28 K)]
Method of Spatio-Temporal Series and Tests Analysis on Its Predictable Skill
  WANG Ge-Li,YANG Pei-Cai and LU Da-Ren
  2004,28(4):536-544 [Abstract]  [View PDF(399.94 K)]
Regional Characteristics of the Decadal and Interdecadal Variations for Global Temperature Field during the Last Century
  JIANG Zhi-Hong,LI Jian-Ping,TU Qi-Pu and ZHANG Qiang
  2004,28(4):545-558 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.29 M)]
Measuring Meteorological Visibility Based on Digital Photography-Dual Differential Luminance Method and Experimental Study
  LU Wei-Tao,TAO Shan-Chang,LIU Yi-Feng,TAN Yong-Bo and WANG Ben-Ge
  2004,28(4):559-570 [Abstract]  [View PDF(608.36 K)]
On the Short-Term Variation of Subtropical Anticyclone over the Western Pacific Affected by the Mid-High Latitudes Circulation in July 1998
  REN Rong-Cai,LIU Yi-Min and WU Guo-Xiong
  2004,28(4):571-578 [Abstract]  [View PDF(7.41 M)]
Simulation of Stratosphere-Troposphere Exchange Effecting on the Distribution of Ozone over Eastern Asia
  YANG Jian and LU Da-Ren
  2004,28(4):579-588 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.80 M)]
Characteristic Wave of Meso-β Scale Disturbance in Shear Basic Flow
  ZHANG Li-Feng and SHI Lian-Jun
  2004,28(4):589-600 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.33 M)]
A Diagnostic Experiment Study of the Composite Influence of Increasing O3 and CO2 Concentration on Soybean
  HUANG Hui,WANG Chun-Yi,BAI Yue-Ming and WEN Min
  2004,28(4):601-612 [Abstract]  [View PDF(494.39 K)]
GPS Observation and Analysis of Precipitable Water Vapor during Typhoon Ramasun in 2002 Influencing East China Coast
  DING Jin-Cai,HUANG Yan,YE Qi-Xin,ZHU Wen-Yao,SONG Shu-Li and LIANG Xu-Dong
  2004,28(4):613-624 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.87 M)]
The Effects of Complex Terrain on the Computed Surface Solar Short-Wave Radiation
  WANG Kai-Cun,ZHOU Xiu-Ji and LIU Jing-Miao
  2004,28(4):625-633 [Abstract]  [View PDF(848.49 K)]
A Study of Automatic Tacking Mesoscale Convective Systems with Improved Area-Overlapped Method
  FANG Zhao-Bao,LIN Hui,WU Li-Xin,JIANG Ji-Xi and HUANG Qian
  2004,28(4):634-640 [Abstract]  [View PDF(329.01 K)]