Volume 30,Issue 3,2006 Table of Contents

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The Data Analysis and Numerical Simulation of the Climatology of Quasi-Stationary Planetary Waves in the Northern Hemisphere
  YANG Lei,CHEN Wen and HUANG Rong-Hui
  2006,30(3):361-376 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Comparison of Climate Characteristics Between Two Summer Monsoon Troughs over the South China Sea and India
  PAN Jing and LI Chong-Yin
  2006,30(3):377-390 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
The Comparison Analysis of Flood and Drought Features Among the First Flood Period in South China, Meiyu Period in the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River Valleys and Rainy Season in North China in the Last 50 Years
  WU Zhi-Wei,JIANG Zhi-Hong and HE Jin-Hai
  2006,30(3):391-401 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Studies of the Relationship Between Southern Hemispheric Atmospheric Circulation and Climate over East Asia
  FAN Ke and WANG Hui-Jun
  2006,30(3):402-412 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
A Simulation Study of the Influence of External Forcing on the Tropical Intraseasonal Oscillation
  DONG Min,Chidong Zhang and HE Jin-Hai
  2006,30(3):413-422 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
The Underestimation of the Turbulent Fluxes in Eddy Correlation Techniques
  CHEN Jia-Yi,FAN Shao-Hua,ZHAO Chuan-Feng,XIAO Xue,CAI Xu-Hui and LIU Hui-Zhi
  2006,30(3):423-432 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Four-Dimensional Variational Data Assimilation of Radar Radial Velocity Observations
  ZHANG Lin and NI Yun-Qi
  2006,30(3):433-440 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Influence of Different Precipitation Parameterization Schemes on a Simulated "03. 7" Heavy Rainfall Case
  ZHANG Man,WANG Ang-Sheng,JI Zhong-Zhen and ZHANG Wen-Long
  2006,30(3):441-452 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
An Observation Study of Surface - Air Exchanges and Energy Budget at an Agricultural Site in South China
  GUO Xiao-Feng,KANG Ling,CAI Xu-Hui and ZHU Tong
  2006,30(3):453-463 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Relationship Between Dry/Wet Variation and the Pacific Decade Oscillation (PDO) in Northern China During the Last 100 Years
  MA Zhu-Guo and SHAO Li-Juan
  2006,30(3):464-474 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Thermal and Dynamical Structure of Heavy Rainstorm in the Huaihe River Basin During 3 -4 July 2003
  JIAO Mei-Yan,BI Bao-Gui,BAO Yuan-Yuan and LI Ze-Chun
  2006,30(3):475-490 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
3D Structure of Rain and Cloud Hydrometeors for Typhoon Kujira (0302)
  HE Hui-Zhong,CHENG Ming-Hu and ZHOU Feng-Xian
  2006,30(3):491-503 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
A Global Environmental Atmospheric Transport Model (GEATM):Model Description and Validation
  LUO Gan and WANG Zi-Fa
  2006,30(3):504-518 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
A Parallelization Scheme for Atmospheric General Circulation Model
  WANG Peng-Fei and WANG Zai-Zhi
  2006,30(3):519-525 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
The Method Based on SVD Iteration and Its Application to Interpolation of Climate Data
  ZHANG Yong-Ling,DING Yu-Guo,GAO Quan-Zhou and WANG Zhao-Li
  2006,30(3):526-532 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
A Study of the Statistical Analysis of the Geopotential Height Background Errors in the Data Assimilation
  ZHUANG Zhao-Rong,XUE Ji-Shan,ZHUANG Shi-Yu and ZHU Guo-Fu
  2006,30(3):533-544 [Abstract]  [View PDF]