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Interdecaldal Variations of Drought and Flooding Disasters in China and Their Association with the East Asian Climate System
  HUANG Rong-Hui,CAI Rong-Shuo,CHEN Ji-Long and ZHOU Lian-Tong
  2006,30(5):730-743 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.50 M)]
The Relationship Between the Intraseasonal Oscillations in the Northern Hemisphere During the Boreal Winter in the Stratosphere and Troposphere
  LI Chong-Yin,CHENG Sheng and PAN Jing
  2006,30(5):744-752 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.41 M)]
Signals of Darwin Atmospheric Pressure in the Tree-Ring Recorded Northeastern Mongolia Precipitation
  WANG Hui-Jun
  2006,30(5):753-758 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.60 M)]
Advance and Prospect of the Studies of El Niño Predictability by Nonlinear Optimization Method
  DUAN Wan-Suo and MU Mu
  2006,30(5):759-766 [Abstract]  [View PDF(419.96 K)]
Broadband Diffuse Radiation Method to Retrieve Radiation-Weighted Mean Aerosol Single Scattering Albedo
  QIU Jin-Huan
  2006,30(5):767-777 [Abstract]  [View PDF(518.56 K)]
Development and Application of Nested Air Quality Prediction Modeling System
  WANG Zi-Fa,XIE Fu-Ying,WANG Xi-Quan,AN Jun-Ling and ZHU Jiang
  2006,30(5):778-790 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.13 M)]
The Meridian Pattern of Summer Rainfall in 2004 and Its Relationship with Indian Ocean Dipole
  XIAO Zi-Niu and LIANG Hong-Li
  2006,30(5):791-801 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.48 M)]
The Relationships Between Convection over the Tibetan Plateau and Circulation over East Asian
  ZHANG Qing-Yun,JIN Zu-Hui and PENG Jing-Bei
  2006,30(5):802-812 [Abstract]  [View PDF(6.03 M)]
Advances and Prospects in the Study of Stratosphere-Troposphere Exchange
  CHEN Hong-Bin,BIAN Jian-Chun and Lü Da-Ren
  2006,30(5):813-820 [Abstract]  [View PDF(441.80 K)]
A Review of JFNK Methods and Its Applications in Atmospheric Non-Hydrostatical Model
  CHEN Jia-Bin,JI Li-Ren,CHEN Chang-Sheng and XUE Ji-Shan
  2006,30(5):821-833 [Abstract]  [View PDF(682.20 K)]
Theory on Perturbation Potential Energy and Its Applications-Concept, Expression and Spatio-Temporal Structures of Perturbation Potential Energy
  LI Jian-Ping and GAO Li
  2006,30(5):834-948 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.12 M)]
The Spiral Structure for Atmospheric Vortex
  LIU Shi-Da,LIU Shi-Kuo,LIANG Fu-Ming and FU Zun-Tao
  2006,30(5):849-853 [Abstract]  [View PDF(317.47 K)]
Mesoscale Balance Equation and the Diagnostic Method of Unbalanced Flow Based on Helicity
  GAO Shou-Ting and ZHOU Fei-Fan
  2006,30(5):854-862 [Abstract]  [View PDF(429.86 K)]
Linkage Between the Arctic Oscillation and Winter Climate over East Asia on the Interannual Timescale: Roles of Quasi-Stationary Planetary Waves
  CHEN Wen and KANG Li-Hua
  2006,30(5):863-870 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.21 M)]
Ensemble Kalman Smoother and Ensemble Kalman Filter Approaches to the Joint Air Quality State and Emission Estimation Problem
  ZHU Jiang and WANG Ping
  2006,30(5):871-882 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.34 M)]
The Field Experiment of Atmospheric Boundary Layer over Heterogeneous Surface in Baiyangdian Area-Introduction and Preliminary Data Analysis
  HU Fei,HONG Zhong-Xiang,CHEN Jia-Yi and LIU Xi-Ming
  2006,30(5):883-893 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.43 M)]
An Overview of China Climate Change over the 20th Century Using UK UEA/CRU High Resolution Grid Data
  WEN Xin-Yu,WANG Shao-Wu,ZHU Jin-Hong and David VINER
  2006,30(5):894-904 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.70 M)]
On Low Ozone over the North Atlantic and High Ozone over the North Pacific
  ZOU Han,LI Peng,ZHOU Li-Bo,MA Shu-Po and JI Chong-Ping
  2006,30(5):905-912 [Abstract]  [View PDF(618.06 K)]
The Study of Evaluation of Potential of Artificial Precipitation Enhancement in Stratiform Cloud System
  HONG Yan-Chao and ZHOU Fei-Fei
  2006,30(5):913-926 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.89 M)]
A Basinwide Ocean General Circulation Model of the Pacific Ocean and Its Simulation Results
  XU Yong-Fu,LI Yang-Chun,ZHAO Liang,LI Rong-Feng and YU Yong-Qiang
  2006,30(5):927-938 [Abstract]  [View PDF(877.15 K)]
Improving ENSO Simulation by Parameterizing the Subsurface Entrainment Temperature
  ZHU Jie-Shun,ZHOU Guang-Qing,Rong-Hua ZHANG and SUN Zhao-Bo
  2006,30(5):939-951 [Abstract]  [View PDF(10.47 M)]
The Influences of Anomalous Atmospheric Circulation over Mid-High Latitudes and the Activities of 30-60 d Low Frequency Convection over Low Latitudes on the Onset of the South China Sea Summer Monsoon
  WEN Zhi-Ping,HUANG Rong-Hui,HE Hai-Yan and LAN Guang-Dong
  2006,30(5):952-964 [Abstract]  [View PDF(6.96 M)]
A Dynamic-Analogue Error Correction Model for ENSO Prediction and Its Initial Hindcast Verification
  SUN Cheng-Hu,LI Wei-Jing,REN Hong-Li,ZHANG Pei-Qun and WANG Dong-Yan
  2006,30(5):965-976 [Abstract]  [View PDF(785.52 K)]
Differences of Influences of Tropical Western Pacific SST Anomaly and Rossby Wave Propagation on East Asian Monsoon in the Summers of 1993 and 1994
  Lü Jun-Mei,JU Jian-Hua,ZHANG Qing-Yun and TAO Shi-Yan
  2006,30(5):977-987 [Abstract]  [View PDF(5.46 M)]
A Study of Circumstances of Meso-β-Scale Systems of Strong Heavy Rainfall in Warm Sector Ahead of Fronts in South China
  XIA Ru-Di,ZHAO Si-Xiong and SUN Jian-Hua
  2006,30(5):988-1008 [Abstract]  [View PDF(8.75 M)]
The Response of the Forest Ecosystem in China to Global Climate Change
  WANG Ye and YAN Xiao-Dong
  2006,30(5):1009-1018 [Abstract]  [View PDF(502.85 K)]
he Response of Marine Environment in the Offshore Area of China and Its Adjacent Ocean to Recent Global Climate Change
  CAI Rong-Shuo,CHEN Ji-Long and HUANG Rong-Hui
  2006,30(5):1019-1033 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.33 M)]
Tropical Large-Scale Atmospheric Circulation and Sea Surface Temperature Corresponding to Autumn Precipitation in Hainan Island
  LI Yong,LU Ri-Yu and HE Jin-Hai
  2006,30(5):1034-1042 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.59 M)]
Impacts of Ocean-Land Distribution over the Southern Asia and the Continents over the Southern Hemisphere on the Formation of Asian Summer Monsoon Circulation
  JIN Qi-Hua,HE Jin-Hai,CHEN Long-Xun and ZHU Cong-Wen
  2006,30(5):1043-1053 [Abstract]  [View PDF(6.83 M)]