Volume 31,Issue 4,2007 Table of Contents

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Atmospheric Response to the North Atlantic SST Anomalies in CAM2
  LI Jian,ZHOU Tian-Jun and YU Ru-Cong
  2007,31(4):561-570 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.71 M)]
Nonlinear Error Dynamics and Predictability Study
  DING Rui-Qiang and LI Jian-Ping
  2007,31(4):571-576 [Abstract]  [View PDF(414.77 K)]
Numerical Simulation of the Intraseasonal Oscillation Part II:Impact of Global Warming
  YU Yong-Qiang,JIANG Guo-Rong and HE Jin-Hai
  2007,31(4):577-585 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.22 M)]
Anomalous Perturbation Kinetic Energy of Rossby Wave along East Asian Westerly Jet and Its Association with Summer Rainfall in China
  YANG Lian-Mei and ZHANG Qing-Yun
  2007,31(4):586-595 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.17 M)]
Aircraft Observation on Cloud Microphysics in Beijing and Its Surrounding Regions during August-September 2003
  ZHANG Dian-Guo,GUO Xue-Liang,FU Dan-Hong and et al
  2007,31(4):596-610 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.58 M)]
A Study of Introducing Temperature Roughness Length into a Fine Urban Boundary Layer Model
  ZHOU Rong-Wei,JIANG Wei-Mei,LIU Gang and et al
  2007,31(4):611-620 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.57 M)]
An Observational Study of Macro/Microphysical Structures of Convective Rainbands of a Cold Vortex over Northeast China
  QI Yan-Bin,GUO Xue-Liang and JIN De-Zhen
  2007,31(4):621-634 [Abstract]  [View PDF(7.56 M)]
The Role of Cumulus Merger in a Severe Mesoscale Convective System
  FU Dan-Hong and GUO Xue-Liang
  2007,31(4):635-644 [Abstract]  [View PDF(7.50 M)]
Identification of Stratiform and Convective Cloud Using 3D Radar Reflectivity Data
  XIAO Yan-Jiao and LIU Li-Ping
  2007,31(4):645-654 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.39 M)]
Diagnosis of the Slantwise Development of Isentropic and Moist Isentropic Surfaces
  RAN Ling-Kun and CHU Yan-Li
  2007,31(4):655-665 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.80 M)]
Spectrum and Spectral Function Analysis of Mesoscale Wave—Mathematic Model and Numerical Calculation Method
  ZHANG Ming and AN Jie
  2007,31(4):666-674 [Abstract]  [View PDF(467.26 K)]
A Numerical Study of an Ensemble-Based Reduced-Dimensional Data Assimilation Method
  SHAO Ai-Mei and QIU Chong-Jian
  2007,31(4):675-684 [Abstract]  [View PDF(854.07 K)]
A Study of the Impact of South Indian Ocean Dipole on the Summer Rainfall in China
  YANG Ming-Zhu and DING Yi-Hui
  2007,31(4):685-694 [Abstract]  [View PDF(6.23 M)]
Measured CO2 Concentration and Flux at 16 m Height during Corn Growing Period on the North China Plain
  GUO Jian-Xia,BIAN Lin-Gen and DAI Yong-Jiu
  2007,31(4):695-707 [Abstract]  [View PDF(730.08 K)]
Self-organized Criticality of Atmospheric Acid Deposition
  ZHU Jian-Lin,ZENG Guang-Ming,ZHAO Xing and et al
  2007,31(4):708-716 [Abstract]  [View PDF(497.29 K)]
The Analysis of Relationship between the Variation of Westerly Index in Summer and Precipitation during the Flood Period over China in the Last 50 Years
  YAN Hua-Sheng,HU Juan,FAN Ke and et al
  2007,31(4):717-726 [Abstract]  [View PDF(955.38 K)]
A Case Study of the Influence of the Western Pacific Subtropical High onthe Torrential Rainfall in Beijing Area
  LIU Huan-Zhu,WANG Wei-Guo,SHAO Ming-Xuan and et al
  2007,31(4):727-734 [Abstract]  [View PDF(5.37 M)]
The Relationship of the Atmospheric Heat Sources in Early Summer over East Asia-Pacific to the Abnormality of Precipitation in the Yangtze River Basin and Its Vicinity in July and August
  JIAN Mao-Qiu,QIAO Yun-Ting,LUO Hui-Bang and et al
  2007,31(4):735-746 [Abstract]  [View PDF(8.50 M)]
Interdecadal Spatial-Temporal Change Trend of East Asian WinterMonsoon in the Last 40 Years
  SHI Xiao-Hui,XU Xiang-De and XIE Li-An
  2007,31(4):747-756 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.01 M)]