Volume 36,Issue 4,2012 Table of Contents

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Comparison of Cloud Base Heights by Ground Based Sky IR Brightness Temperature Measurements with Cloud Radar and Ceilometer in Shouxian
  ZHANG Wenxing and Lü Daren
  2012,36(4):657-672 [Abstract]  [View PDF(11.68 M)]
Analysis of the Leading Modes of the Asian-Pacific Summer Monsoon System
  LIU Yunyun and DING Yihui
  2012,36(4):673-685 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.61 M)]
Air Pollution Index and Precipitation Weekly Circulation Characteristics and Its Possible Influencing Mechanism Analysis over Beijing and Its Adjacent Regions
  HOU Ling and YAO Zhanyu
  2012,36(4):686-696 [Abstract]  [View PDF(550.51 K)]
Numerical Simulations of Convective Cloud Merging Processes at Different Development Stages
  ZHAI Jing,HU Wen,FENG Yan and HUANG Yong
  2012,36(4):697-712 [Abstract]  [View PDF(11.43 M)]
Comparison of Lightning Activity and NOx Distribution in the Upper Troposphere in China
  GUO Fengxia and CHEN Cong
  2012,36(4):713-721 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.63 M)]
A Study of the Relationship between East Asia Subtropical Westerly Jet and Abnormal Meiyu in the Middle-Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River
  JIN Ronghua,LI Weijing,ZHANG Bo and YAN Caixia
  2012,36(4):722-732 [Abstract]  [View PDF(7.26 M)]
Research on Relationships between High-Speed Coherent Structure and Turbulence Flux
  GUO Yunqian,YUAN Renmin,LUO Tao,SUN Jianning and JIANG Weimei
  2012,36(4):733-743 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.46 M)]
The Analysis of Variation Characteristics and Establishing of Estimating Equation for Ultraviolet Radiation in Lhasa
  Zhang Xinghua,Hu Bo,Wang Yuesi,Zhang Wu,He Yongtao and Sun Wei
  2012,36(4):744-754 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.90 M)]
Analysis of the Quasi-geostrophic Adjustment Process of the Southern Hemisphere Annular Mode
  LI Xiaofeng and LI Jianping
  2012,36(4):755-768 [Abstract]  [View PDF(16.50 M)]
Governing Equations of Atmospheric Layer Perturbation Potential Energy and Its Applications—Energy Budget of the South China Sea Summer Monsoon Activity
  WANG Lei,LI Jianping and GUO Yan
  2012,36(4):769-783 [Abstract]  [View PDF(7.62 M)]
Variation of Tibetan Plateau Summer Monsoon and Its Effect on Precipitation in East China
  Hua Wei,Fan Guangzhou and WANG Bingyun
  2012,36(4):784-794 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.22 M)]
Systematic Errors and Their Calibrations for Radiosonde Precipitable Water Vapor on the Tibetan Plateau
  LIANG Hong,ZHANG Renhe,LIU Jingmiao,SUN Zhian and LI Shikui
  2012,36(4):795-810 [Abstract]  [View PDF(581.12 K)]
Effect of Urbanization on Variation Trends of Air Temperatures Based on Mountain Stations
  DUAN Chunfeng,MIAO Qilong,CAO Wen and MA Deli
  2012,36(4):811-822 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.46 M)]
Analysis of the Interannual Variation of the Summer Precipitation over the Yellow River Basin and the Effect Factors Based on MTM-SVD Method
  WANG Chunxue and LI Dongliang
  2012,36(4):823-834 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.17 M)]
The Effects of Different Microphysical Schemes in WRF on a Heavy Rainfall in North China during 18-19 August 2010
  MA Yanzhi,LU Changgen and GAO Shouting
  2012,36(4):835-850 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.60 M)]
Influence of the 11-Year Solar Cycle on the Evolution of ENSO-Related SST Anomalies and Rainfall Anomalies in East Asia
  ZHOU Qun and CHEN Wen
  2012,36(4):851-862 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.67 M)]