Volume 40,Issue 6,2016 Table of Contents

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The Effect of Mesoscale Systems Induced by the Topography of Taiwan on the Rapid Intensification of Typhoon Meranti (1010)
  XUE Lin and LI Ying
  Published November 15, 2016
  2016,40(6):1107-1116 [Abstract]  [View PDF(8.07 M)]
Application of the Intensity-Scale Technique for Verification of Climatological Surface Temperature Simulation
  LI Juan, ZENG Xiaodong, CHEN Hong and CAI Qifa
  Published November 15, 2016
  2016,40(6):1117-1126 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.62 M)]
The Simulation of a Squall Line with Doppler Radar Data Assimilation Using the EnSRF Method
  GAO Shibo, MIN Jinzhong and HUANG Danlian
  Published November 15, 2016
  2016,40(6):1127-1142 [Abstract]  [View PDF(8.62 M)]
Hiatus of Global Warming: A Review
  SU Jingzhi, WEN Min, DING Yihui, GAO Yongqi and SONG Yafang
  Published November 15, 2016
  2016,40(6):1143-1153 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.52 M)]
A Study on Characteristics of Spectral Parameters and Characteristic Variables of Raindrop Size Distribution for Different Cloud Systems in Liaoning Province
  Fang Bin, Guo Xueliang and Xiao Hui
  Published November 15, 2016
  2016,40(6):1154-1164 [Abstract]  [View PDF(512.25 K)]
Impact of Underlying Surface Change on the Numerical Simulation of Soil Moisture in Inner Mongolia of China
  SONG Haiqing, LI Yunpeng, SHI Chunxiang, YU Yan, SUN Xiaolong, YANG Xiaohua and WU Hao
  Published November 15, 2016
  2016,40(6):1165-1181 [Abstract]  [View PDF(10.60 M)]
Analysis of Atmospheric Circulation and Prediction Signals for Summer Rainfall Patterns in Southern China
  ZHAO Junhu, YANG Liu, ZENG Yuxing and FENG Guolin
  Published November 15, 2016
  2016,40(6):1182-1198 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.98 M)]
Interannual and Interdecadal Variations of Summer Rainfall Duration over the Middle and Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River in Association with Anomalous Circulation and Rossby Wave Activities
  LI Minggang, GUAN Zhaoyong and MEI Shilong
  Published November 15, 2016
  2016,40(6):1199-1214 [Abstract]  [View PDF(6.18 M)]
Spatial Pattern and Causes of Interannual Variability of Autumn Rainfall in Southwest China
  LIU Yang and LIU Yimin
  Published November 15, 2016
  2016,40(6):1215-1226 [Abstract]  [View PDF(11.43 M)]
A Study of Variation Characteristics of Surface Broadband Emissivity over Three Typical Bare Soil Underlying Surfaces in Northwestern China
  ZHENG Zhiyuan, WEI Zhigang, LI Zhenchao, WEN Xiaohang and CHEN Chen
  Published November 15, 2016
  2016,40(6):1227-1241 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.84 M)]
Direct Radiative Forcing by Dust in China Based on Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Model Intercomparison Project (ACCMIP) Datasets
  ZHANG Tianhang, LIAO Hong, CHANG Wenyuan and LIU Ruijin
  Published November 15, 2016
  2016,40(6):1242-1260 [Abstract]  [View PDF(20.83 M)]
Migration of Atmospheric Mass over Regions between Eurasia and North Pacific in Spring and Its Possible Impacts on Climate Anomalies in China
  XI Zihui, GUAN Zhaoyong, ZHANG Qian and CHEN Danping
  Published November 15, 2016
  2016,40(6):1261-1272 [Abstract]  [View PDF(5.63 M)]
The Relationship Between Prior-winter SST around Austria and Summer Rainfall in the Yangtze River Valley of China
  DONG Zhulei, REN Baohua, ZHENG Jianqiu, LU Guoyang and XU Di
  Published November 15, 2016
  2016,40(6):1273-1283 [Abstract]  [View PDF(5.43 M)]
Classification,Based on the Central Axis,of Storm Tracks in the North Pacific in the Winter Season,and the Possible Underlying Physical Mechanism
  XIA Linlin, TAN Yanke, YIN Xifan and LI Chongyin
  Published November 15, 2016
  2016,40(6):1284-1296 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.64 M)]
A Numerical Study for the Microphysical Processes of Ice Pellets with a Spectral (bin) Cloud Model
  XU Ge, SUN Jiming, NIU Sheng jie, ZHOU Bi and WANG Yongqing
  Published November 15, 2016
  2016,40(6):1297-1319 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.16 M)]
Evaluation and Correction of the East Asian Summer Monsoon Simulated by MRI Coupled Ocean–Atmosphere General Circulation Model
  LUO Liansheng, DUAN Chunfeng, YANG Wei, XU Min, CHENG Zhi and DING Xiaojun
  Published November 15, 2016
  2016,40(6):1320-1332 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.15 M)]
  Published November 15, 2016
  2016,40(6):1333-1336 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.98 M)]
  Published November 15, 2016
  2016,40(6):1337-1338 [Abstract]  [View PDF(187.66 K)]