Volume 41,Issue 6,2017 Table of Contents

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Differences in Intraseasonal Summer Rainfall Oscillation between the Middle and Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River
  XU Lexin, ZHANG Renhe and QI Yanjun
  2017,41(6):1125-1140 [Abstract]  [View PDF(11.05 M)]
The Variability of the Oceanic Front in Kuroshio Extension and Its Relationship with the Pacific Storm Track in Winter
  YUAN Li and XIAO Ziniu
  2017,41(6):1141-1155 [Abstract]  [View PDF(5.35 M)]
Bias Correction of Daily Precipitation Simulated by RegCM4 Model over China
  TONG Yao, GAO Xuejie, HAN Zhenyu and XU Ying
  2017,41(6):1156-1166 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.68 M)]
Climatological Characteristics of Lightning Activity within Tropical Cyclones and Its Relationship to Cyclone Intensity Change over the Northwest Pacific
  WANG Fang, QIE Xiushu and CUI Xuedong
  2017,41(6):1167-1176 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.09 M)]
A Modeling Study of the Visibility and PBL Key Meteorological Elements during a Heavy Fog-Haze Episode in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei of China
  HOU Mengling, WANG Hong, ZHAO Tianliang and CHE Huizheng
  2017,41(6):1177-1190 [Abstract]  [View PDF(6.05 M)]
Seasonality of Precipitation over China
  YAO Shibo, JIANG Dabang and FAN Guangzhou
  2017,41(6):1191-1203 [Abstract]  [View PDF(7.60 M)]
Influence on the South China Rainfall Anomalies of the Atmospheric QuasiBiweekly Oscillation in Mid-High Latitude during the Summer of 2002
  KONG Xiaoyu, MAO Jiangyu and WU Guoxiong
  2017,41(6):1204-1220 [Abstract]  [View PDF(11.67 M)]
High-Resolution Rapid Refresh Analysis and Prediction of the Tornado Occurring in Funing on 23 June 2016
  LI Jia, CHEN Baode, ZHANG Xu and HUANG Wei
  2017,41(6):1221-1233 [Abstract]  [View PDF(14.04 M)]
A Comparative Analysis of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Based on Intensive Sounding Data at Different Altitude Stations
  LU Ping, YANG Kangquan and LI Ying
  2017,41(6):1234-1245 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.07 M)]
Research on the Evolution Characteristics of Hydrometeors in a Thunderstorm Cell with X-Band Dual-Polarimetric Radar
  LI Xiaomin, ZHOU Yunjun, XIAO Hui, WU Wei and ZHAI Li
  2017,41(6):1246-1263 [Abstract]  [View PDF(16.46 M)]
Two Typical ENSO Seasonal Evolution Modes and Their Relations with Rainfall over Eastern China
  ZONG Haifeng
  2017,41(6):1264-1283 [Abstract]  [View PDF(16.10 M)]
An Analysis on Night Thunderstorm Weather over Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Area during Mid-July 2015
  WANG Xiaoqing, ZHOU Yushu, PING Fan and CAI Jun
  2017,41(6):1284-1299 [Abstract]  [View PDF(10.23 M)]
Evaluation and Predictability Analysis of Seasonal Prediction by BCC Second-Generation Climate System Model
  WU Jie, REN Hongli, ZHANG Shuai, LIU Ying and LIU Xiangwen
  2017,41(6):1300-1315 [Abstract]  [View PDF(12.23 M)]
Effects of Moisture Budget Changes on Pacific Evaporation Associated with Pacific Decadal Oscillation and ENSO in Boreal Winter
  HAN Zixuan, SU Tao, ZHI Rong and FENG Guolin
  2017,41(6):1316-1331 [Abstract]  [View PDF(21.58 M)]
Characteristics of Long-Cycle Abrupt Drought-Flood Alternations in Southwest China and Anomalies of Atmospheric Circulation in Summer
  SUN Xiaoting, LI Qingquan and WANG Lijuan
  2017,41(6):1332-1342 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.44 M)]
Mechanism Analysis of the Sudden Arctic Surface Warming On 29 December 2015
  WANG Cen, REN Baohua, ZHENG Jianqiu, PAN Yunfeng and SHAN Yongqiang
  2017,41(6):1343-1351 [Abstract]  [View PDF(5.80 M)]
  2017,41(6):1352-1353 [Abstract]  [View PDF(149.41 K)]