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Variations of ITCZ in the South China Sea and Their Possible Influences on the South China Sea-Generated Tropical Cyclone (SCS-G TC) Activities
  HUANG Xiaoyan, GUAN Zhaoyong, HE Jielin and HE Li
  2017,41(1):1-14 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.91 M)]
A Numerical Study of the Effect of Aerosols Acting as Ice Nuclei on the Precipitation and Microphysical Processes in a Multi-size Convective Storm Occurring in Aksu in Xinjiang, Northwest China
  WANG Yu, YIN Yan, CHEN Qian, WANG Xu and XIAO Hui
  2017,41(1):15-29 [Abstract]  [View PDF(14.70 M)]
A Blending Method for Storm-Scale Ensemble Forecast and Its Application to Beijing Extreme Precipitation Event on July 21, 2012
  ZHUANG Xiaoran, MIN Jingzhong, WANG Shizhang, ZHOU Kai and Cai Yuanchen
  2017,41(1):30-42 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.80 M)]
Changes and Projection of Dry/Wet Areas over China
  JIANG Jiang, JIANG Dabang and LIN Yihua
  2017,41(1):43-56 [Abstract]  [View PDF(8.93 M)]
Dynamic and Thermodynamic Analysis of Arctic Sea Ice Decrease since the 1990s Based on PIOMAS Simulations
  ZHOU Lu, XU Shiming and ZENG Gang
  2017,41(1):57-70 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.06 M)]
Verification and Correction of East China Summer Rainfall Prediction Based on BCC_CSM Model
  GUO Qu, LIU Xiangwen, WU Tongwen, CHENG Bingyan, LI Rui and WEI Linxiao
  2017,41(1):71-90 [Abstract]  [View PDF(23.57 M)]
The Capacity of Seasonal Forecast Models for the Forecast of the East Asian Summer Circulation and Its Response to Tropical SST Anomaly
  GU Bohui, ZHENG Zhihai, FENG Guolin and WANG Zheng
  2017,41(1):91-105 [Abstract]  [View PDF(14.34 M)]
Effects of Cloud Condensation Nuclei Concentration on the Electrification of Thunderstorm: A Numerical Simulation
  DENG Meiling, YIN Yan, ZHAO Pengguo and XIAO Hui
  2017,41(1):106-120 [Abstract]  [View PDF(15.86 M)]
Dust Aerosol Scattering Coefficient under Three Types of Sand Storm in Eastern Inner Mongolia in the Spring and Its Correlations with PM10 and Visibility
  WANG Tianshu and NIU Shengjie
  2017,41(1):121-131 [Abstract]  [View PDF(911.52 K)]
Evaluation of the Parameterization of Soil Moisture Influence on Evapotranspiration in Land Surface Models
  XIAO Yu, Zhuguo and LI Mingxing
  2017,41(1):132-146 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.80 M)]
Evaluation and Analysis of Soil Temperature Data over Middle and High Latitudes of East Asia
  YU Zhongda, ZHOU Guangqing and ZHOU Yunjun
  2017,41(1):147-166 [Abstract]  [View PDF(15.35 M)]
A Study of the Impact of Soil Water Conditions on Water and Carbon Dioxide Fluxes over Typical Grasslands in Inner Mongolia of China
  WANG Lei, LIU Huizhi and Christian Bernhofer
  2017,41(1):167-177 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.48 M)]
Construction and Application of a Regional Typhoon-Ocean Coupled Model
  LIU Lei, FEI Jianfang, Zhanhong, HUANG Xiaogang and CHENG Xiaoping
  2017,41(1):178-188 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.81 M)]
The Applicability of Different Parameterization Schemes in Semi-Arid Region Based on Noah-MP Land Surface Model
  YE Dan, ZHANG Shuwen, WANG Feiyang, MAO Fuping and YANG Xixi
  2017,41(1):189-201 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.66 M)]
“Cumulative Effect” of Cold Vortex Precipitation in Northeast China in Early Summer
  LIU Gang, FENG Guolin, QIN Yulin, ZENG Yuxing, YANG Xu and YAO Shuai
  2017,41(1):202-212 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.94 M)]
Variations of the Spring Equatorial Indian Ocean Zonal-Vertical Circulation and Its Correlation with the Walker Circulation
  YUE Ruhua and XU Haiming
  2017,41(1):213-226 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.12 M)]
  2017,41(1):227-228 [Abstract]  [View PDF(91.94 K)]